Guía Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO): todos los comandos de consola


Por fin hemos podido recopilar todos los comandos de consola para el nuevo Counter Strike Global Offensive ( CS:GO) , y que más de uno seguro agradecerá,  en breve publicaré una guía de comandos de configuración y otra sobre los comandos de configuración y administración del servidor.

Espero que os sirvan. Un saludo a todos!

+demoui2 // Bring the advanced demo player UI (demoui2) to foreground.
+posedebug // Turn on pose debugger or add ents to pose debugger UI

-demoui2 // Send the advanced demo player UI (demoui2) to background.
-posedebug // Turn off pose debugger or hide ents from pose debugger UI
achievement_debug «0» // Turn on achievement debug msgs.
achievement_disable «0» // Turn off achievements.
addip // Add an IP address to the ban list.
adsp_debug «0»
ainet_generate_report // Generate a report to the console.
ainet_generate_report_only // Generate a report to the console.
air_density // Changes the density of air for drag computations.
ai_clear_bad_links // Clears bits set on nav links indicating link is unusable
ai_debug_los «0» // itl
ai_debug_node_connect // Debug the attempted connection between two nodes
ai_debug_shoot_positions «0»
ai_disable // Bi-passes all AI logic routines and puts all NPCs into their idle animations. Can be used to get NPCs out of your way and to t
ai_drawbattlelines «0»
ai_drop_hint // Drop an ai_hint at the players current eye position.
ai_hull // Controls which connections are shown when ai_show_hull or ai_show_connect commands are used Arguments: NPC name or classname,
ai_next_hull // Cycles through the various hull sizes. Currently selected hull size is written to the screen. Controls which connections are
ai_nodes // Toggles node display. First call displays the nodes for the given network as green objects. Second call displays the nodes a
ai_report_task_timings_on_limit «0»
ai_resume // If NPC is stepping through tasks (see ai_step ) will resume normal processing.
ai_setenabled // Like ai_disable but you manually specify the state (with a 0 or 1) instead of toggling it.
ai_set_move_height_epsilon // Set how high AI bumps up ground walkers when checking steps
ai_show_connect // Displays the allowed connections between each node for the currently selected hull type. Hulls are color code as follows: Gre
ai_show_connect_crawl // Displays the allowed connections between each node for the currently selected hull type. Hulls are color code as follows: Gre
ai_show_connect_fly // Displays the allowed connections between each node for the currently selected hull type. Hulls are color code as follows: Gre
ai_show_connect_jump // Displays the allowed connections between each node for the currently selected hull type. Hulls are color code as follows: Gre
ai_show_graph_connect // Toggles graph connection display for the node that the player is looking at. Nodes that are connected to the selected node by
ai_show_grid // Draw a grid on the floor where looking.
ai_show_hints // Displays all hints as small boxes Blue – hint is available for use Red – hint is currently being used by an NPC Orange –
ai_show_hull // Displays the allowed hulls between each node for the currently selected hull type. Hulls are color code as follows: Green –
ai_show_node // Highlight the specified node
ai_show_visibility // Toggles visibility display for the node that the player is looking at. Nodes that are visible from the selected node will be d
ai_step // use ai_step again. To resume processing no
ai_test_los // Test AI LOS from the players POV
ai_think_limit_label «0»
ai_vehicle_avoidance «1»
alias // Alias a command.
ammo_338mag_max «30»
ammo_357sig_max «52»
ammo_45acp_max «100»
ammo_50AE_max «35»
ammo_556mm_box_max «200»
ammo_556mm_max «90»
ammo_57mm_max «100»
ammo_762mm_max «90»
ammo_9mm_max «120»
ammo_buckshot_max «32»
ammo_grenade_limit_default «1»
ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang «1»
ammo_grenade_limit_total «3»
askconnect_accept // Accept a redirect request by the server.
asw_engine_finished_building_map // Notify engine that weve finished building a map
audit_save_in_memory // Audit the memory usage and files in the save-to-memory system
autobuy // Attempt to purchase items with the order listed in cl_autobuy
autosave // Autosave
autosavedangerous // AutoSaveDangerous
banid // Add a user ID to the ban list.
banip // Add an IP address to the ban list.
benchframe // Takes a snapshot of a particular frame in a time demo.
bench_end // Ends gathering of info.
bench_showstatsdialog // Shows a dialog displaying the most recent benchmark results.
bench_start // Starts gathering of info. Arguments: filename to write results into
bench_upload // Uploads most recent benchmark stats to the Valve servers.
bind // Bind a key.
BindToggle // Performs a bind increment var 0 1 1
bind_osx // Bind a key for OSX only.
blackbox_dump // Dump the contents of the blackbox
blackbox_record // Record an entry into the blackbox
bot_add // bot_add – Adds a bot matching the given criteria.
bot_add_ct // bot_add_ct – Adds a Counter-Terrorist bot matching the given criteria.
bot_add_t // bot_add_t – Adds a terrorist bot matching the given criteria.
bot_all_weapons // Allows the bots to use all weapons
bot_autodifficulty_threshold_high «2» // Upper bound above Average Human Contribution Score that a bot must be above to change its difficulty
bot_autodifficulty_threshold_low «-6» // Lower bound below Average Human Contribution Score that a bot must be below to change its difficulty
bot_chatter «0» // or normal.
bot_crouch «0»
bot_debug «0» // For internal testing purposes.
bot_debug_target «0» // For internal testing purposes.
bot_defer_to_human_goals «0» // the bots will not do the scenario tasks.
bot_defer_to_human_items «1» // the bots will not get scenario items.
bot_difficulty «1» // 3=expert.
bot_dont_shoot «0» // bots will not fire weapons (for debugging).
bot_freeze «0»
bot_goto_mark // Sends a bot to the marked nav area (useful for testing navigation meshes)
bot_goto_selected // Sends a bot to the selected nav area (useful for testing navigation meshes)
bot_join_after_player «1» // bots wait until a player joins before entering the game.
bot_join_team «0» // or CT.
bot_kick // matching the given criteria.
bot_kill // matching the given criteria.
bot_knives_only // Restricts the bots to only using knives
bot_loadout «0» // bots are given these items at round start
bot_mimic «0»
bot_mimic_yaw_offset «180»
bot_pistols_only // Restricts the bots to only using pistols
bot_place // bot_place – Places a bot from the map at where the local player is pointing.
bot_quota «10» // Determines the total number of bots in the game.
bot_quota_mode «0» // Determines the type of quota. Allowed values: normal, fill, and match. If fill, the server will adjust bots to keep N p
bot_randombuy «0» // should bots ignore their prefered weapons and just buy weapons at random?
bot_show_battlefront «0» // Show areas where rushing players will initially meet.
bot_show_nav «0» // For internal testing purposes.
bot_show_occupy_time «0» // Show when each nav area can first be reached by each team.
bot_snipers_only // Restricts the bots to only using sniper rifles
bot_stop «0» // immediately stops all bot processing.
bot_take_control // Take control of a bot.
bot_traceview «0» // For internal testing purposes.
bot_zombie «0» // bots will stay in idle mode and not attack.
box // Draw a debug box.
buddha // Toggle. Player takes damage but wont die. (Shows red cross when health is zero)
budget_averages_window «30» // number of frames to look at when figuring out average frametimes
budget_background_alpha «128» // how translucent the budget panel is
budget_bargraph_background_alpha «128» // how translucent the budget panel is
budget_bargraph_range_ms «16» // budget bargraph range in milliseconds
budget_history_numsamplesvisible «100» // number of samples to draw in the budget history window. The lower the better as far as rendering overhead of the budget panel
budget_history_range_ms «66» // budget history range in milliseconds
budget_panel_bottom_of_history_fraction «0» // number between 0 and 1
budget_panel_height «384» // height in pixels of the budget panel
budget_panel_width «512» // width in pixels of the budget panel
budget_panel_x «0» // number of pixels from the left side of the game screen to draw the budget panel
budget_panel_y «50» // number of pixels from the top side of the game screen to draw the budget panel
budget_peaks_window «30» // number of frames to look at when figuring out peak frametimes
budget_show_averages «0» // enable/disable averages in the budget panel
budget_show_history «1» // turn history graph off and on. . good to turn off on low end
budget_show_peaks «1» // enable/disable peaks in the budget panel
budget_toggle_group // Turn a budget group on/off
bug // Show the bug reporting UI.
bugreporter_uploadasync «0» // Upload attachments asynchronously
bugreporter_username «0» // Username to use for bugreporter
bug_swap // Automatically swaps the current weapon for the bug bait and back again.
buildcubemaps // Rebuild cubemaps.
buildmodelforworld // buildmodelforworld
buymenu // Show or hide main buy menu
cache_print // cache_print [section] Print out contents of cache memory.
cache_print_lru // cache_print_lru [section] Print out contents of cache memory.
cache_print_summary // cache_print_summary [section] Print out a summary contents of cache memory.
callvote // Start a vote on an issue.
cam_collision «1» // an attempt is made to keep the camera from passing though walls.
cam_command // Tells camera to change modes
cam_idealdelta «4» // Controls the speed when matching offset to ideal angles in thirdperson view
cam_idealdist «150»
cam_idealdistright «0»
cam_idealdistup «0»
cam_ideallag «4» // Amount of lag used when matching offset to ideal angles in thirdperson view
cam_idealpitch «0»
cam_idealyaw «0»
cam_showangles «0» // print viewangles/idealangles/cameraoffsets to the console.
cam_snapto «0»
cast_hull // Tests hull collision detection
cast_ray // Tests collision detection
cc_emit // Emits a closed caption
cc_findsound // Searches for soundname which emits specified text.
cc_flush // Flushes asyncd captions.
cc_lang «0» // Current close caption language (emtpy = use game UI language)
cc_linger_time «1» // Close caption linger time.
cc_predisplay_time «0» // Close caption delay before showing caption.
cc_random // Emits a random caption
cc_showblocks // Toggles showing which blocks are pending/loaded async.
cc_subtitles «0» // wont help hearing impaired players).
changelevel // Change server to the specified map
changelevel2 // Transition to the specified map in single player
chet_debug_idle «0» // many debug prints to help track down the TLK_IDLE issue. Set two for super verbose info
ch_createairboat // Spawn airboat in front of the player.
ch_createjeep // Spawn jeep in front of the player.
clear // Clear all console output.
clear_anim_cache // freeing the memory (until the next time a streaming animblock is requested).
clear_debug_overlays // clears debug overlays
clientport «27005» // Host game client port
closecaption «0» // Enable close captioning.
closeonbuy «0» // Set non-zero to close the buy menu after buying something
cl_allowdownload «1» // Client downloads customization files
cl_allowupload «1» // Client uploads customization files
cl_animationinfo // Hud element to examine.
cl_autobuy «0» // The order in which autobuy will attempt to purchase items
cl_autohelp «1» // Auto-help
cl_autowepswitch «0» // Automatically switch to picked up weapons (if more powerful)
cl_backspeed «450»
cl_bobamt_lat «0» // The amount the viewmodel moves side to side when running
cl_bobamt_vert «0» // The amount the viewmodel moves up and down when running
cl_bobcycle «1» // the frequency at which the viewmodel bobs.
cl_bobup «0»
cl_bob_lower_amt «21» // The amount the viewmodel lowers when running
cl_bob_version «0»
cl_brushfastpath «1»
cl_buy_favorite // Purchase a favorite weapon/equipment loadout
cl_buy_favorite_nowarn «0» // Skips the error prompt when saving an invalid buy favorite
cl_buy_favorite_quiet «0» // Skips the prompt when saving a buy favorite in the buy menu
cl_buy_favorite_reset // Reset favorite loadouts to the default
cl_buy_favorite_set // Saves the current loadout as a favorite
cl_camera_follow_bone_index «-2» // Index of the bone to follow. -2 == disabled. -1 == root bone. 0+ is bone index.
cl_chatfilters «63» // Stores the chat filter settings
cl_class «0» // Default class when joining a game
cl_clearhinthistory // Clear memory of client side hints displayed to the player.
cl_clockdrift_max_ms «150» // Maximum number of milliseconds the clock is allowed to drift before the client snaps its clock to the servers.
cl_clockdrift_max_ms_threadmode «0» // Maximum number of milliseconds the clock is allowed to drift before the client snaps its clock to the servers.
cl_clock_correction «1» // Enable/disable clock correction on the client.
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_amount «200» // Sets the maximum number of milliseconds per second it is allowed to correct the client clock. It will only correct this amount
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_offset «90» // it moves towards apply
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_min_offset «10» // then no clock correction is applied.
cl_clock_correction_force_server_tick «999» // Force clock correction to match the server tick + this offset (-999 disables it).
cl_clock_showdebuginfo «0» // Show debugging info about the clock drift.
cl_cmdrate «100» // Max number of command packets sent to server per second
cl_crosshairalpha «200»
cl_crosshaircolor «1» // Set crosshair color as defined in game_options.consoles.txt
cl_crosshaircolor_b «50»
cl_crosshaircolor_g «250»
cl_crosshaircolor_r «50»
cl_crosshairdot «0»
cl_crosshairgap «0»
cl_crosshairscale «0» // Crosshair scaling factor (deprecated)
cl_crosshairsize «5»
cl_crosshairstyle «0»
cl_crosshairthickness «0»
cl_crosshairusealpha «1»
cl_csm_server_status // Usage: cl_csm_server_status
cl_csm_status // Usage: cl_csm_status
cl_debugrumble «0» // Turn on rumble debugging spew
cl_detail_avoid_force «0» // percentage of the width of the detail sprite )
cl_detail_avoid_radius «64» // radius around detail sprite to avoid players
cl_detail_avoid_recover_speed «0» // how fast to recover position after avoiding players
cl_detail_max_sway «5» // Amplitude of the detail prop sway
cl_detail_multiplier «1» // extra details to create
cl_disablefreezecam «0» // Turn on/off freezecam on client
cl_disablehtmlmotd «0» // Disable HTML motds.
cl_disable_ragdolls «0»
cl_downloadfilter «0» // nosounds)
cl_drawhud «1» // Enable the rendering of the hud
cl_drawleaf «-1»
cl_drawmaterial «0» // Draw a particular material over the frame
cl_drawshadowtexture «0»
cl_dumpplayer // Dumps info about a player
cl_dumpsplithacks // Dump split screen workarounds.
cl_dump_particle_stats // dump particle profiling info to particle_profile.csv
cl_entityreport «0» // draw entity states to console
cl_ent_absbox // Displays the clients absbox for the entity under the crosshair.
cl_ent_bbox // Displays the clients bounding box for the entity under the crosshair.
cl_ent_rbox // Displays the clients render box for the entity under the crosshair.
cl_extrapolate «1» // Enable/disable extrapolation if interpolation history runs out.
cl_extrapolate_amount «0» // Set how many seconds the client will extrapolate entities for.
cl_fastdetailsprites «1» // whether to use new detail sprite system
cl_find_ent // Find and list all client entities with classnames that contain the specified substring. Format: cl_find_ent
cl_find_ent_index // Display data for clientside entity matching specified index. Format: cl_find_ent_index
cl_fixedcrosshairgap «3» // How big to make the gap between the pips in the fixed crosshair
cl_flushentitypacket «0» // For debugging. Force the engine to flush an entity packet.
cl_forcepreload «0» // Whether we should force preloading.
cl_forwardspeed «450»
cl_freezecampanel_position_dynamic «1» // Turn on/off freezecams kill panel dynamic Y movement
cl_fullupdate // Forces the server to send a full update packet
cl_game_mode_convars // Display the values of the convars for the current game_mode.
cl_idealpitchscale «0»
cl_ignorepackets «0» // Force client to ignore packets (for debugging).
cl_interp «0» // Sets the interpolation amount (bounded on low side by server interp ratio settings).
cl_interp_ratio «2» // Sets the interpolation amount (final amount is cl_interp_ratio / cl_updaterate).
cl_inv_showdividerline «0» // will show a divider line above the grenades in the inventory panel.
cl_jiggle_bone_debug «0» // Display physics-based jiggle bone debugging information
cl_jiggle_bone_debug_pitch_constraints «0» // Display physics-based jiggle bone debugging information
cl_jiggle_bone_debug_yaw_constraints «0» // Display physics-based jiggle bone debugging information
cl_jiggle_bone_invert «0»
cl_lagcompensation «1» // Perform server side lag compensation of weapon firing events.
cl_language «0» // Language (from Steam API)
cl_leafsystemvis «0»
cl_leveloverview «0»
cl_leveloverviewmarker «0»
cl_logofile «0» // Spraypoint logo decal.
cl_maxrenderable_dist «3000» // Max distance from the camera at which things will be rendered
cl_minimal_rtt_shadows «1»
cl_modemanager_reload // Reloads the panel metaclasses for vgui screens.
cl_mouseenable «0»
cl_mouselook «1» // 0 for keyboard look. Cannot be set while connected to a server.
cl_observercrosshair «1»
cl_overdraw_test «0»
cl_panelanimation // Shows panel animation variables: .
cl_particles_dumplist // optional name substring.
cl_particles_show_bbox «0»
cl_particles_show_controlpoints «0»
cl_particle_retire_cost «0»
cl_pclass «0» // Dump entity by prediction classname.
cl_pdump «-1» // Dump info about this entity to screen.
cl_phys_show_active «0»
cl_phys_timescale «1» // Sets the scale of time for client-side physics (ragdolls)
cl_pitchdown «89»
cl_pitchup «89»
cl_playerspraydisable «1» // Disable player sprays.
cl_portal_use_new_dissolve «1» // Use new dissolve effect
cl_precacheinfo // Show precache info (client).
cl_predict «1» // Perform client side prediction.
cl_predictioncopy_describe // Describe datamap_t for entindex
cl_predictionlist «0» // Show which entities are predicting
cl_predictweapons «1» // Perform client side prediction of weapon effects.
cl_pred_track // for field fieldname.
cl_ragdoll_gravity «600» // Sets the gravity client-side ragdolls
cl_rebuy «0» // The order in which rebuy will attempt to repurchase items
cl_removedecals // Remove the decals from the entity under the crosshair.
cl_report_soundpatch // reports client-side sound patch count
cl_resend «6» // Delay in seconds before the client will resend the connect attempt
cl_resend_timeout «60» // Total time allowed for the client to resend the connect attempt
cl_righthand «1» // Use right-handed view models.
cl_rumblescale «1» // Scale sensitivity of rumble effects (0 to 1.0)
cl_scalecrosshair «1» // Enable crosshair scaling (deprecated)
cl_shadowtextureoverlaysize «256»
cl_showanimstate_activities «0» // Show activities in the (client) animation state display.
cl_showents // Dump entity list to console.
cl_showerror «0» // 2 for above plus detailed field deltas.
cl_showevents «0» // Print event firing info in the console
cl_showfps «0» // +10 = detailed )
cl_showhelp «1» // Set to 0 to not show on-screen help
cl_showloadout «0» // Toggles display of current loadout.
cl_showpluginmessages «1» // Allow plugins to display messages to you
cl_showpos «0» // Draw current position at top of screen
cl_sidespeed «450»
cl_skipfastpath «0» // Set to 1 to stop all models that go through the model fast path from rendering
cl_skipslowpath «0» // Set to 1 to skip any models that dont go through the model fast path
cl_soundemitter_flush // Flushes the sounds.txt system (server only)
cl_soundemitter_reload // Flushes the sounds.txt system
cl_soundfile «0» // Jingle sound file.
cl_soundscape_flush // Flushes the client side soundscapes
cl_soundscape_printdebuginfo // print soundscapes
cl_spec_mode «4» // Saves the last viewed spectator mode for use next time we start to spectate
cl_sporeclipdistance «512»
cl_ss_origin // print origin in script format
cl_steamscreenshots // Enable/disable saving screenshots to Steam
cl_sunlight_ortho_size «0» // Set to values greater than 0 for ortho view render projections.
cl_sun_decay_rate «0»
cl_team «0» // Default team when joining a game
cl_teamid_overhead «1» // 1 = on
cl_teamid_overhead_maxdist «3000» // max distance at which the overhead team id icons will show
cl_teamid_overhead_name_alpha «240» // The max alpha the overhead ID names will draw as.
cl_teamid_overhead_name_fadetime «0» // How long it takes for the overhad name to fade out once your crosshair has left the target.
cl_timeout «30» // the client will disconnect itself
cl_tree_sway_dir // sets tree sway wind direction and strength
cl_updaterate «64» // Number of packets per second of updates you are requesting from the server
cl_updatevisibility // Updates visibility bits.
cl_upspeed «320»
cl_use_new_headbob «1»
cl_view // Set the view entity index.
cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt «1» // The amount the viewmodel shifts to the left when shooting accuracy increases.
cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt «0» // The amount the viewmodel shifts to the right when shooting accuracy decreases.
cl_winddir «0» // Weather effects wind direction angle
cl_windspeed «0» // Weather effects wind speed scalar
cl_wpn_sway_scale «1»
cmd // Forward command to server.
cmd1 // sets userinfo string for split screen player in slot 1
cmd2 // sets userinfo string for split screen player in slot 2
cmd3 // sets userinfo string for split screen player in slot 3
cmd4 // sets userinfo string for split screen player in slot 4
collision_test // Tests collision system
colorcorrectionui // Show/hide the color correction tools UI.
commentary_firstrun «0»
commentary_showmodelviewer // Display the commentary model viewer. Usage: commentary_showmodelviewer
condump // dump the text currently in the console to condumpXX.log
connect // Connect to specified server.
con_enable «1» // Allows the console to be activated.
con_min_severity // LS_ERROR=3.
crash // Cause the engine to crash (Debug!!)
CreatePredictionError // Create a prediction error
crosshair «1»
cs_hostage_near_rescue_music_distance «2000»
cs_make_vip // Marks a player as the VIP
cs_ShowStateTransitions «-2» // cs_ShowStateTransitions . Show player state transitions.
CS_WarnFriendlyDamageInterval «3» // Defines how frequently the server notifies clients that a player damaged a friend
cursortimeout «60» // Seconds before mouse cursor hides itself due to inactivity
custom_bot_difficulty «0» // Bot difficulty for offline play.
cvarlist // Show the list of convars/concommands.
c_maxdistance «200»
c_maxpitch «90»
c_maxyaw «135»
c_mindistance «30»
c_minpitch «0»
c_minyaw «-135»
c_orthoheight «100»
c_orthowidth «100»
c_thirdpersonshoulder «0»
c_thirdpersonshoulderaimdist «120»
c_thirdpersonshoulderdist «40»
c_thirdpersonshoulderheight «5»
c_thirdpersonshoulderoffset «20»
dbghist_addline // Add a line to the debug history. Format: dbghist_dump // Dump the debug history to the console. Format: Categories: 0: Entity I/O 1: AI Decisions 2: Sc
debugsystemui // Show/hide the debug system UI.
debug_visibility_monitor «0»
default_fov «90»
demolist // Print demo sequence list.
demos // Demo demo file sequence.
demoui // Show/hide the demo player UI.
demoui2 // Show/hide the advanced demo player UI (demoui2).
demo_gototick // Skips to a tick in demo.
demo_pause // Pauses demo playback.
demo_recordcommands «1» // Record commands typed at console into .dem files.
demo_resume // Resumes demo playback.
demo_timescale // Sets demo replay speed.
demo_togglepause // Toggles demo playback.
developer «0» // Set developer message level
devshots_nextmap // Used by the devshots system to go to the next map in the devshots maplist.
devshots_screenshot // use the screenshot command instead.
differences // Show all convars which are not at their default values.
disable_static_prop_loading «0» // static props wont be loaded
disconnect // Disconnect game from server.
display_elapsedtime // Displays how much time has elapsed since the game started
display_game_events «0»
disp_list_all_collideable // List all collideable displacements
dlight_debug // Creates a dlight in front of the player
drawcross // Draws a cross at the given location Arguments: x y z
drawline // Draws line between two 3D Points. Green if no collision Red is collides with something Arguments: x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2
drawradar // Draws HUD radar
dsp_db_min «80»
dsp_db_mixdrop «0»
dsp_dist_max «1440»
dsp_dist_min «0»
dsp_enhance_stereo «0»
dsp_mix_max «0»
dsp_mix_min «0»
dsp_off «0»
dsp_player «0»
dsp_slow_cpu «0»
dsp_volume «0»
dti_flush // Write out the datatable instrumentation files (you must run with -dti for this to work).
dumpentityfactories // Lists all entity factory names.
dumpeventqueue // Dump the contents of the Entity I/O event queue to the console.
dumpgamestringtable // Dump the contents of the game string table to the console.
dumpstringtables // Print string tables to console.
dump_entity_sizes // Print sizeof(entclass)
dump_globals // Dump all global entities/states
dump_particlemanifest // Dump the list of particles loaded.
echo // Echo text to console.
editdemo // Edit a recorded demo file (.dem ).
editor_toggle // Disables the simulation and returns focus to the editor
enable_debug_overlays «1» // Enable rendering of debug overlays
enable_skeleton_draw «0» // Render skeletons in wireframe
endmovie // Stop recording movie frames.
endround // End the current round.
english «0» // running the english language set of assets.
ent_absbox // Displays the total bounding box for the given entity(s) in green. Some entites will also display entity specific overlays. Ar
ent_attachments // Displays the attachment points on an entity. Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is loo
ent_autoaim // Displays the entitys autoaim radius. Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_bbox // Displays the movement bounding box for the given entity(ies) in orange. Some entites will also display entity specific overlay
ent_cancelpendingentfires // Cancels all ent_fire created outputs that are currently waiting for their delay to expire.
ent_create // Creates an entity of the given type where the player is looking.
ent_dump // Usage: ent_dump
ent_fire // Usage: ent_fire [action] [value] [delay]
ent_info // Usage: ent_info
ent_keyvalue // Applies the comma delimited key=value pairs to the entity with the given Hammer ID. Format: ent_keyvalue =<v
ent_messages // Toggles input/output message display for the selected entity(ies). The name of the entity will be displayed as well as any mes
ent_messages_draw «0» // Visualizes all entity input/output activity.
ent_orient // only orients target entitys YAW. Use the allangles opt
ent_pause // Toggles pausing of input/output message processing for entities. When turned on processing of all message will stop. Any mess
ent_pivot // Displays the pivot for the given entity(ies). (y=up=green, z=forward=blue, x=left=red). Arguments: {entity_name} / {class
ent_rbox // Displays the total bounding box for the given entity(s) in green. Some entites will also display entity specific overlays. Ar
ent_remove // Removes the given entity(s) Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_remove_all // Removes all entities of the specified type Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name}
ent_rotate // Rotates an entity by a specified # of degrees
ent_script_dump // Dumps the names and values of this entitys script scope to the console Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argume
ent_setang // Set entity angles
ent_setname // Sets the targetname of the given entity(s) Arguments: {new entity name} {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks wh
ent_setpos // Move entity to position
ent_show_response_criteria // an entitys current criteria set used to select responses. Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} /
ent_step // When ent_pause is set this will step through one waiting input / output message at a time.
ent_teleport // Teleport the specified entity to where the player is looking. Format: ent_teleport
ent_text // Displays text debugging information about the given entity(ies) on top of the entity (See Overlay Text) Arguments: {entity_
ent_viewoffset // Displays the eye position for the given entity(ies) in red. Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks wha
escape // Escape key pressed.
exec // Execute script file.
execifexists // Execute script file if file exists.
exit // Exit the engine.
explode // Kills the player with explosive damage
explodevector // Kills a player applying an explosive force. Usage: explodevector
fadein // fadein {time r g b}: Fades the screen in from black or from the specified color over the given number of seconds.
fadeout // fadeout {time r g b}: Fades the screen to black or to the specified color over the given number of seconds.
ff_damage_reduction_bullets «0» // How much to reduce damage done to teammates when shot. Range is from 0 – 1 (with 1 being damage equal to what is done to an en
ff_damage_reduction_grenade «0» // How much to reduce damage done to teammates by a thrown grenade. Range is from 0 – 1 (with 1 being damage equal to what is don
ff_damage_reduction_grenade_self «1» // How much to damage a player does to himself with his own grenade. Range is from 0 – 1 (with 1 being damage equal to what is do
ff_damage_reduction_other «0» // How much to reduce damage done to teammates by things other than bullets and grenades. Range is from 0 – 1 (with 1 being damag
find // Find concommands with the specified string in their name/help text.
findflags // Find concommands by flags.
find_ent // Find and list all entities with classnames or targetnames that contain the specified substring. Format: find_ent
find_ent_index // Display data for entity matching specified index. Format: find_ent_index
firstperson // Switch to firstperson camera.
fish_debug «0» // Show debug info for fish
fish_dormant «0» // Turns off interactive fish behavior. Fish become immobile and unresponsive.
flush // Flush unlocked cache memory.
flush_locked // Flush unlocked and locked cache memory.
fogui // Show/hide fog control UI.
fog_color «-1»
fog_colorskybox «-1»
fog_enable «1»
fog_enableskybox «1»
fog_enable_water_fog «1»
fog_end «-1»
fog_endskybox «-1»
fog_hdrcolorscale «-1»
fog_hdrcolorscaleskybox «-1»
fog_maxdensity «-1»
fog_maxdensityskybox «-1»
fog_override «0» // Overrides the maps fog settings (-1 populates fog_ vars with maps values)
fog_start «-1»
fog_startskybox «-1»
forcebind // Bind a command to an available key. (forcebind command opt:suggestedKey)
force_audio_english «0» // Keeps track of whether were forcing english in a localized language.
foundry_engine_get_mouse_control // Give the engine control of the mouse.
foundry_engine_release_mouse_control // Give the control of the mouse back to Hammer.
foundry_select_entity // Select the entity under the crosshair or select entities with the specified name.
foundry_sync_hammer_view // Move Hammers 3D view to the same position as the engines 3D view.
foundry_update_entity // Updates the entitys position/angles when in edit mode
fov_cs_debug «0» // Sets the view fov if cheats are on.
fps_max «300» // Frame rate limiter
fps_screenshot_frequency «10» // While the fps is below the threshold we will dump a screen shot this often in seconds (i.e. 10 = screen shot every 10 seconds w
fps_screenshot_threshold «-1» // Dump a screenshot when the FPS drops below the given value.
fs_clear_open_duplicate_times // Clear the list of files that have been opened.
fs_dump_open_duplicate_times // Set fs_report_long_reads 1 before loading to use this. Prints a list of files that were opened more than once and ~how long was
fs_fios_cancel_prefetches // Cancels all the prefetches in progress.
fs_fios_flush_cache // Flushes the FIOS HDD cache.
fs_fios_prefetch_file // Prefetches a file: . The preftech is medium priority and persistent.
fs_fios_prefetch_file_in_pack // Prefetches a file in a pack: <portal2/models/container_ride/fineDebris_part5.ani>. The preftech is medium priority and non-pers
fs_fios_print_prefetches // Displays all the prefetches currently in progress.
fs_printopenfiles // Show all files currently opened by the engine.
fs_syncdvddevcache // Force the 360 to get updated files that are in your p4 changelist(s) from the host PC when running with -dvddev.
fs_warning_level // Set the filesystem warning level.
func_break_max_pieces «15»
fx_new_sparks «1» // Use new style sparks.
g15_dumpplayer // Spew player data.
g15_reload // Reloads the Logitech G-15 Keyboard configs.
g15_update_msec «250» // Logitech G-15 Keyboard update interval.
gameinstructor_dump_open_lessons // Gives a list of all currently open lessons.
gameinstructor_enable «1» // Display in game lessons that teach new players.
gameinstructor_find_errors «0» // Set to 1 and the game instructor will run EVERY scripted command to uncover errors.
gameinstructor_reload_lessons // Shuts down all open lessons and reloads them from the script file.
gameinstructor_reset_counts // Resets all display and success counts to zero.
gameinstructor_save_restore_lessons «1» // Set to 0 to disable save/load of open lesson opportunities in single player.
gameinstructor_verbose «0» // Set to 1 for standard debugging or 2 (in combo with gameinstructor_verbose_lesson) to show update actions.
gameinstructor_verbose_lesson «0» // Display more verbose information for lessons have this name.
gamemenucommand // Issue game menu command.
gameui_activate // Shows the game UI
gameui_allowescape // Escape key allowed to hide game UI
gameui_allowescapetoshow // Escape key allowed to show game UI
gameui_hide // Hides the game UI
gameui_preventescape // Escape key doesnt hide game UI
gameui_preventescapetoshow // Escape key doesnt show game UI
game_mode «0» // The current game mode (based on game type). See GameModes.txt.
game_type «0» // The current game type. See GameModes.txt.
getpos // dump position and angles to the console
getpos_exact // dump origin and angles to the console
give // Give item to player. Arguments:
givecurrentammo // Give a supply of ammo for current weapon..
global_event_log_enabled «0» // Enables the global event log system
global_set // 2 = DEAD).
glow_outline_effect_enable «1» // Enable entity outline glow effects.
glow_outline_width «6» // Width of glow outline effect in screen space.
gl_clear_randomcolor «0» // Clear the back buffer to random colors every frame. Helps spot open seams in geometry.
god // Toggle. Player becomes invulnerable.
gods // Toggle. All players become invulnerable.
groundlist // Display ground entity list
g_debug_angularsensor «0»
g_debug_constraint_sounds «0» // Enable debug printing about constraint sounds.
g_debug_ragdoll_removal «0»
g_debug_ragdoll_visualize «0»
g_debug_trackpather «0»
g_debug_vehiclebase «0»
g_debug_vehicledriver «0»
g_debug_vehicleexit «0»
g_debug_vehiclesound «0»
g_jeepexitspeed «100»
hammer_update_entity // Updates the entitys position/angles when in edit mode
hammer_update_safe_entities // Updates entities in the map that can safely be updated (dont have parents or are affected by constraints). Also excludes entit
heartbeat // Force heartbeat of master servers
help // Find help about a convar/concommand.
hideconsole // Hide the console.
hidehud «0»
hidepanel // Hides a viewport panel
hideradar // Hides HUD radar
hidescores // Forcibly hide score panel
hide_sf_main_menu // Hide the Scaleform main menu
hostage_debug «0» // Show hostage AI debug information
hostfile «0» // The HOST file to load.
hostip «-1062686208.000» // Host game server ip
hostname «0» // Hostname for server.
hostport «27015» // Host game server port
host_flush_threshold «12» // Memory threshold below which the host should flush caches between server instances
host_map «0» // Current map name.
host_reset_config // reset config (for testing) with param as splitscreen index.
host_runofftime // Run off some time without rendering/updating sounds
host_sleep «0» // Force the host to sleep a certain number of milliseconds each frame.
host_timescale «1» // Prescale the clock by this amount.
host_writeconfig // Store current settings to config.cfg (or specified .cfg file).
host_writeconfig_ss // Store current settings to config.cfg (or specified .cfg file) with first param as splitscreen index.
hud_reloadscheme // Reloads hud layout and animation scripts.
hud_scaling «0» // Scales hud elements
hud_showtargetid «1» // Enables display of target names
hud_subtitles // Plays the Subtitles:
hud_takesshots «0» // Auto-save a scoreboard screenshot at the end of a map.
hunk_track_allocation_types «1»
hurtme // Hurts the player. Arguments:
incrementvar // Increment specified convar value.
inferno_child_spawn_interval_multiplier «1» // Amount spawn interval increases for each child
inferno_child_spawn_max_depth «4»
inferno_damage «40» // Damage per second
inferno_debug «0»
inferno_dlight_spacing «200» // Inferno dlights are at least this far apart
inferno_flame_lifetime «7» // Average lifetime of each flame in seconds
inferno_flame_spacing «50» // Minimum distance between separate flame spawns
inferno_forward_reduction_factor «0»
inferno_friendly_fire_duration «6» // FF is credited back to the thrower.
inferno_initial_spawn_interval «0» // Time between spawning flames for first fire
inferno_max_child_spawn_interval «1» // Largest time interval for child flame spawning
inferno_max_flames «32» // Maximum number of flames that can be created
inferno_max_range «300» // Maximum distance flames can spread from their initial ignition point
inferno_per_flame_spawn_duration «5» // Duration each new flame will attempt to spawn new flames
inferno_scorch_decals «1»
inferno_spawn_angle «45» // Angular change from parent
inferno_surface_offset «20»
inferno_velocity_decay_factor «0»
inferno_velocity_factor «0»
inferno_velocity_normal_factor «0»
in_forceuser «0» // Force user input to this split screen player.
ip «0» // Overrides IP for multihomed hosts
item_show_whitelistable_definitions // Lists the item definitions that can be whitelisted in the item_whitelist.txt file in tournament mode.
joinsplitscreen // join split screen
joystick «0» // false otherwise.
joy_accelmax «1»
joy_accelscale «0»
joy_accelscalepoly «0»
joy_advanced «0»
joy_advaxisr «0»
joy_advaxisu «0»
joy_advaxisv «0»
joy_advaxisx «0»
joy_advaxisy «0»
joy_advaxisz «0»
joy_autoaimdampen «0» // How much to scale user stick input when the gun is pointing at a valid target.
joy_autoAimDampenMethod «0»
joy_autoaimdampenrange «0» // The stick range where autoaim dampening is applied. 0 = off
joy_axisbutton_threshold «0» // Analog axis range before a button press is registered.
joy_cfg_preset «1»
joy_circle_correct «1»
joy_curvepoint_1 «0»
joy_curvepoint_2 «0»
joy_curvepoint_3 «0»
joy_curvepoint_4 «1»
joy_curvepoint_end «2»
joy_diagonalpov «0» // too.
joy_display_input «0»
joy_forwardsensitivity «-1»
joy_forwardthreshold «0»
joy_gamma «0»
joy_inverty «0» // Whether to invert the Y axis of the joystick for looking.
joy_lowend «1»
joy_lowend_linear «0»
joy_lowmap «1»
joy_movement_stick «0» // Which stick controls movement (0 is left stick)
joy_name «0»
joy_no_accel_jump «0»
joy_pitchsensitivity «-1» // joystick pitch sensitivity
joy_pitchthreshold «0»
joy_response_look «0» // 1=Acceleration Promotion
joy_response_look_pitch «1» // 1=Acceleration Promotion
joy_response_move «1» // 1/sensitivity
joy_sensitive_step0 «0»
joy_sensitive_step1 «0»
joy_sensitive_step2 «0»
joy_sidesensitivity «1»
joy_sidethreshold «0»
joy_wingmanwarrior_centerhack «0» // Wingman warrior centering hack.
joy_wingmanwarrior_turnhack «0» // Wingman warrior hack related to turn axes.
joy_yawsensitivity «-1» // joystick yaw sensitivity
joy_yawthreshold «0»
jpeg // Take a jpeg screenshot: jpeg .
kdtree_test // Tests spatial partition for entities queries.
key_findbinding // Find key bound to specified command string.
key_listboundkeys // List bound keys with bindings.
key_updatelayout // Updates game keyboard layout to current windows keyboard setting.
kick // Kick a player by name.
kickid // with a message.
kickid_ex // provide a force-the-kick flag and also assign a message.
kill // Kills the player with generic damage
killserver // Shutdown the server.
killvector // Kills a player applying force. Usage: killvector
lightcache_maxmiss «2»
lightprobe // Samples the lighting environment. Creates a cubemap and a file indicating the local lighting in a subdirectory called material
light_crosshair // Show texture color at crosshair
linefile // Parses map leak data from .lin file
listdemo // List demo file contents.
listid // Lists banned users.
listip // List IP addresses on the ban list.
listissues // List all the issues that can be voted on.
listmodels // List loaded models.
listRecentNPCSpeech // Displays a list of the last 5 lines of speech from NPCs.
load // Load a saved game.
locator_split_len «0»
locator_split_maxwide_percent «0»
lockMoveControllerRet «0»
log // and udp < on | off >.
logaddress_add // Set address and port for remote host .
logaddress_del // Remove address and port for remote host .
logaddress_delall // Remove all udp addresses being logged to
logaddress_list // List all addresses currently being used by logaddress.
log_color // Set the color of a logging channel.
log_dumpchannels // Dumps information about all logging channels.
log_flags // Set the flags on a logging channel.
log_level // Set the spew level of a logging channel.
lookspring «0»
lookstrafe «0»
loopsingleplayermaps «0»
map // Start playing on specified map.
mapcycledisabled «0» // repeats the same map after each match instead of using the map cycle
mapgroup // Specify a map group
maps // Displays list of maps.
map_background // Runs a map as the background to the main menu.
map_commentary // on a specified map.
map_setbombradius // Sets the bomb radius for the map.
map_showbombradius // Shows bomb radius from the center of each bomb site and planted bomb.
map_showspawnpoints // Shows player spawn points (red=invalid)
mat_accelerate_adjust_exposure_down «40»
mat_aniso_disable «0» // NOTE: You must change mat_forceaniso after changing this convar for this to take effect
mat_autoexposure_max «2»
mat_autoexposure_max_multiplier «1»
mat_autoexposure_min «0»
mat_bloomamount_rate «0»
mat_bumpbasis «0»
mat_camerarendertargetoverlaysize «128»
mat_colcorrection_forceentitiesclientside «0» // Forces color correction entities to be updated on the client
mat_configcurrent // show the current video control panel config for the material system
mat_crosshair // Display the name of the material under the crosshair
mat_crosshair_edit // open the material under the crosshair in the editor defined by mat_crosshair_edit_editor
mat_crosshair_explorer // open the material under the crosshair in explorer and highlight the vmt file
mat_crosshair_printmaterial // print the material under the crosshair
mat_crosshair_reloadmaterial // reload the material under the crosshair
mat_debugalttab «0»
mat_debug_bloom «0»
mat_debug_postprocessing_effects «0» // 2 = only apply post-processing to the centre of the screen
mat_disable_bloom «0»
mat_displacementmap «1»
mat_drawflat «0»
mat_drawwater «1»
mat_dynamiclightmaps «0»
mat_dynamicPaintmaps «0»
mat_dynamic_tonemapping «1»
mat_edit // Bring up the material under the crosshair in the editor
mat_exposure_center_region_x «0»
mat_exposure_center_region_y «0»
mat_fastclip «0»
mat_fastnobump «0»
mat_fillrate «0»
mat_forcedynamic «0»
mat_force_bloom «0»
mat_force_tonemap_min_avglum «-1» // Override. Old default was 3.0
mat_force_tonemap_percent_bright_pixels «-1» // Override. Old value was 2.0
mat_force_tonemap_percent_target «-1» // Override. Old default was 60.
mat_force_tonemap_scale «0»
mat_frame_sync_enable «1»
mat_frame_sync_force_texture «0» // Force frame syncing to lock a managed texture.
mat_fullbright «0»
mat_hdr_enabled // Report if HDR is enabled for debugging
mat_hdr_uncapexposure «0»
mat_hsv «0»
mat_info // Shows material system info
mat_leafvis «0» // or [3] entire PVS (see mat_leafvis_draw_mask for what
mat_loadtextures «1»
mat_local_contrast_edge_scale_override «-1000»
mat_local_contrast_midtone_mask_override «-1»
mat_local_contrast_scale_override «0»
mat_local_contrast_vignette_end_override «-1»
mat_local_contrast_vignette_start_override «-1»
mat_lpreview_mode «-1»
mat_luxels «0»
mat_measurefillrate «0»
mat_monitorgamma «1» // monitor gamma (typically 2.2 for CRT and 1.7 for LCD)
mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled «0»
mat_morphstats «0»
mat_norendering «0»
mat_normalmaps «0»
mat_normals «0»
mat_postprocess_enable «1»
mat_powersavingsmode «0» // Power Savings Mode
mat_proxy «0»
mat_queue_mode «-1» // 2=queued
mat_queue_priority «1»
mat_reloadallmaterials // Reloads all materials
mat_reloadmaterial // Reloads a single material
mat_reloadtextures // Reloads all textures
mat_remoteshadercompile «0»
mat_rendered_faces_count «0» // Set to N to count how many faces each model draws each frame and spew the top N offenders from the last 150 frames (use mat_re
mat_rendered_faces_spew // mat_rendered_faces_spew Spew the number of faces rendered for the top N models used this frame (mat_rendered_faces_count
mat_reporthwmorphmemory // Reports the amount of size in bytes taken up by hardware morph textures.
mat_reversedepth «0»
mat_savechanges // saves current video configuration to the registry
mat_setvideomode // windowed state of the material system
mat_shadercount // display count of all shaders and reset that count
mat_showcamerarendertarget «0»
mat_showframebuffertexture «0»
mat_showlowresimage «0»
mat_showmaterials // Show materials.
mat_showmaterialsverbose // Show materials (verbose version).
mat_showmiplevels «0» // 1: everything else
mat_showtextures // Show used textures.
mat_showwatertextures «0»
mat_show_histogram «0»
mat_show_texture_memory_usage «0» // Display the texture memory usage on the HUD.
mat_softwareskin «0»
mat_spewalloc «0»
mat_spewvertexandpixelshaders // Print all vertex and pixel shaders currently loaded to the console
mat_stub «0»
mat_surfaceid «0»
mat_surfacemat «0»
mat_tessellationlevel «6»
mat_tessellation_accgeometrytangents «0»
mat_tessellation_cornertangents «1»
mat_tessellation_update_buffers «1»
mat_texture_list_content_path «0» // itll assume your content directory is next to the currently runn
mat_texture_list_exclude // save – saves exclude list file
mat_texture_list_txlod // -1 to dec resolution
mat_texture_list_txlod_sync // save – saves all changes to material content files
mat_tonemap_algorithm «1» // 0 = Original Algorithm 1 = New Algorithm
mat_updateconvars // updates the video config convars
mat_viewportscale «1» // Scale down the main viewport (to reduce GPU impact on CPU profiling)
mat_wireframe «0»
mat_yuv «0»
maxplayers // Change the maximum number of players allowed on this server.
mc_accel_band_size «2» // Percentage of half the screen width or height.
mc_dead_zone_radius «0» // 0 to 0.9. 0 being just around the center of the screen and 1 being the edges of the screen.
mc_max_pitchrate «100» // (degrees/sec)
mc_max_yawrate «230» // (degrees/sec)
memory // Print memory stats.
mem_dump // Dump memory stats to text file.
mem_dumpvballocs // Dump VB memory allocation stats.
mem_incremental_compact_rate «0» // Rate at which to attempt internal heap compation
mem_vcollide // Dumps the memory used by vcollides
mem_verify // Verify the validity of the heap
menuselect // menuselect
minisave // Saves game (for current level only!)
mm_csgo_community_search_players_min «3» // When performing CSGO community matchmaking look for servers with at least so many human players
mm_datacenter_debugprint // Shows information retrieved from data center
mm_debugprint // Show debug information about current matchmaking session
mm_dedicated_force_servers «0» // Comma delimited list of ip:port of servers used to search for dedicated servers instead of searching for public servers. Use sy
mm_dedicated_search_maxping «150» // Longest preferred ping to dedicated servers for games
mm_dlc_debugprint // Shows information about dlc
mm_server_search_lan_ports «27015» // Ports to scan during LAN games discovery. Also used to discover and correctly connect to dedicated LAN servers behind NATs.
mm_session_search_ping_buckets «4»
mm_session_search_ping_limit «200»
mm_session_search_qos_timeout «15»
mod_DumpWeaponWiewModelCache // Dumps the weapon view model cache contents
mod_DumpWeaponWorldModelCache // Dumps the weapon world model cache contents
motdfile «0» // The MOTD file to load.
movie_fixwave // etc.
mp_afterroundmoney «0» // amount of money awared to every player after each round
mp_autokick «1» // Kick idle/team-killing players
mp_autoteambalance «1»
mp_buytime «90» // How many seconds after round start players can buy items for.
mp_c4timer «45» // how long from when the C4 is armed until it blows
mp_death_drop_defuser «1» // Drop defuser on player death
mp_death_drop_grenade «2» // 2=current or best
mp_death_drop_gun «1» // 2=current or best
mp_defuser_allocation «0» // 2=everyone
mp_disable_autokick // Prevents a userid from being auto-kicked
mp_do_warmup_offine «0» // Whether or not to do a warmup period at the start of a match in an offline (bot) match.
mp_do_warmup_period «1» // Whether or not to do a warmup period at the start of a match.
mp_dump_timers // Prints round timers to the console for debugging
mp_forcecamera «1» // Restricts spectator modes for dead players
mp_forcerespawnplayers // Force all players to respawn.
mp_forcewin // Forces team to win
mp_force_pick_time «15» // The amount of time a player has on the team screen to make a selection before being auto-teamed
mp_freezetime «6» // how many seconds to keep players frozen when the round starts
mp_free_armor «0» // Determines whether armor and helmet are given automatically.
mp_ggprogressive_round_restart_delay «15» // Number of seconds to delay before restarting a round after a win in gungame progessive
mp_ggtr_bomb_detonation_bonus «1» // Number of bonus upgrades to award the Ts when they detonate a gun game bomb
mp_halftime «0» // Determines whether the match switches sides in a halftime event.
mp_halftime_duration «15» // Number of seconds that halftime lasts
mp_join_grace_time «20» // Number of seconds after round start to allow a player to join a game
mp_limitteams «2» // Max # of players 1 team can have over another (0 disables check)
mp_match_can_clinch «1» // Can a team clinch and end the match by being so far ahead that the other team has no way to catching up?
mp_match_end_restart «0» // perform a restart instead of loading a new map
mp_maxmoney «16000» // maximum amount of money allowed in a players account
mp_maxrounds «0» // max number of rounds to play before server changes maps
mp_playercashawards «1» // Players can earn money by performing in-game actions
mp_playerid «0» // Controls what information player see in the status bar: 0 all names; 1 team names; 2 no names
mp_playerid_delay «0» // Number of seconds to delay showing information in the status bar
mp_playerid_hold «0» // Number of seconds to keep showing old information in the status bar
mp_restartgame «0» // game will restart in the specified number of seconds
mp_roundtime «5» // How many minutes each round takes.
mp_round_restart_delay «7» // Number of seconds to delay before restarting a round after a win
mp_scrambleteams // Scramble the teams and restart the game
mp_solid_teammates «1» // Determines whether teammates are solid or not.
mp_startmoney «800» // amount of money each player gets when they reset
mp_swapteams // Swap the teams and restart the game
mp_switchteams // Switch teams and restart the game
mp_teamcashawards «1» // Teams can earn money by performing in-game actions
mp_timelimit «0» // game time per map in minutes
mp_tkpunish «0» // 1=yes}
mp_tournament_restart // Restart Tournament Mode on the current level.
mp_warmuptime «25» // there will be a warmup period/round at the start of each match to allow all players to connect.
mp_weapons_allow_zeus «1» // Determines whether the Zeus is purchasable or not.
mp_win_panel_display_time «5» // The amount of time to show the win panel between matches / halfs
ms_player_dump_properties // Prints a dump the current players property data
multvar // Multiply specified convar value.
muzzleflash_light «1»
m_customaccel «0» // Custom mouse acceleration: 0: custom accelaration disabled 1: mouse_acceleration = min(m_customaccel_max, pow(raw_mouse_delta,
m_customaccel_exponent «1» // Mouse move is raised to this power before being scaled by scale factor.
m_customaccel_max «0» // 0 for no limit
m_customaccel_scale «0» // Custom mouse acceleration value.
m_forward «1» // Mouse forward factor.
m_mouseaccel1 «0» // Windows mouse acceleration initial threshold (2x movement).
m_mouseaccel2 «0» // Windows mouse acceleration secondary threshold (4x movement).
m_mousespeed «1» // 2 to enable secondary threshold
m_pitch «0» // Mouse pitch factor.
m_rawinput «1» // Use Raw Input for mouse input.
m_side «0» // Mouse side factor.
m_yaw «0» // Mouse yaw factor.
name «0» // Current user name
nav_add_to_selected_set // Add current area to the selected set.
nav_add_to_selected_set_by_id // Add specified area id to the selected set.
nav_analyze // Re-analyze the current Navigation Mesh and save it to disk.
nav_area_bgcolor «503316480» // RGBA color to draw as the background color for nav areas while editing.
nav_area_max_size «50» // Max area size created in nav generation
nav_avoid // Toggles the avoid this area when possible flag used by the AI system.
nav_begin_area // drag the opposite corner to the desired location and
nav_begin_deselecting // Start continuously removing from the selected set.
nav_begin_drag_deselecting // Start dragging a selection area.
nav_begin_drag_selecting // Start dragging a selection area.
nav_begin_selecting // Start continuously adding to the selected set.
nav_begin_shift_xy // Begin shifting the Selected Set.
nav_build_ladder // Attempts to build a nav ladder on the climbable surface under the cursor.
nav_check_connectivity // Checks to be sure every (or just the marked) nav area can get to every goal area for the map (hostages or bomb site).
nav_check_file_consistency // Scans the maps directory and reports any missing/out-of-date navigation files.
nav_check_floor // Updates the blocked/unblocked status for every nav area.
nav_check_stairs // Update the nav mesh STAIRS attribute
nav_chop_selected // Chops all selected areas into their component 1×1 areas
nav_clear_attribute // Remove given nav attribute from all areas in the selected set.
nav_clear_selected_set // Clear the selected set.
nav_clear_walkable_marks // Erase any previously placed walkable positions.
nav_compress_id // Re-orders area and ladder IDs so they are continuous.
nav_connect // then invoke the connect command. Note that this creates a
nav_coplanar_slope_limit «0»
nav_coplanar_slope_limit_displacement «0»
nav_corner_adjust_adjacent «18» // radius used to raise/lower corners in nearby areas when raising/lowering corners.
nav_corner_lower // Lower the selected corner of the currently marked Area.
nav_corner_place_on_ground // Places the selected corner of the currently marked Area on the ground.
nav_corner_raise // Raise the selected corner of the currently marked Area.
nav_corner_select // Select a corner of the currently marked Area. Use multiple times to access all four corners.
nav_create_area_at_feet «0» // Anchor nav_begin_area Z to editing players feet
nav_create_place_on_ground «0» // nav areas will be placed flush with the ground when created by hand.
nav_crouch // Toggles the must crouch in this area flag used by the AI system.
nav_debug_blocked «0»
nav_delete // Deletes the currently highlighted Area.
nav_delete_marked // Deletes the currently marked Area (if any).
nav_disconnect // then invoke the disconnect command. This will remove all connec
nav_displacement_test «10000» // Checks for nodes embedded in displacements (useful for in-development maps)
nav_dont_hide // Toggles the area is not suitable for hiding spots flag used by the AI system.
nav_draw_limit «500» // The maximum number of areas to draw in edit mode
nav_edit «0» // Set to one to interactively edit the Navigation Mesh. Set to zero to leave edit mode.
nav_end_area // Defines the second corner of a new Area or Ladder and creates it.
nav_end_deselecting // Stop continuously removing from the selected set.
nav_end_drag_deselecting // Stop dragging a selection area.
nav_end_drag_selecting // Stop dragging a selection area.
nav_end_selecting // Stop continuously adding to the selected set.
nav_end_shift_xy // Finish shifting the Selected Set.
nav_flood_select // use this command again.
nav_generate // Generate a Navigation Mesh for the current map and save it to disk.
nav_generate_fencetops «1» // Autogenerate nav areas on fence and obstacle tops
nav_generate_fixup_jump_areas «1» // Convert obsolete jump areas into 2-way connections
nav_generate_incremental // Generate a Navigation Mesh for the current map and save it to disk.
nav_generate_incremental_range «2000»
nav_generate_incremental_tolerance «0» // Z tolerance for adding new nav areas.
nav_gen_cliffs_approx // post-processing approximation
nav_jump // Toggles the traverse this area by jumping flag used by the AI system.
nav_ladder_flip // Flips the selected ladders direction.
nav_load // Loads the Navigation Mesh for the current map.
nav_lower_drag_volume_max // Lower the top of the drag select volume.
nav_lower_drag_volume_min // Lower the bottom of the drag select volume.
nav_make_sniper_spots // Chops the marked area into disconnected sub-areas suitable for sniper spots.
nav_mark // Marks the Area or Ladder under the cursor for manipulation by subsequent editing commands.
nav_mark_attribute // Set nav attribute for all areas in the selected set.
nav_mark_unnamed // Mark an Area with no Place name. Useful for finding stray areas missed when Place Painting.
nav_mark_walkable // Mark the current location as a walkable position. These positions are used as seed locations when sampling the map to generate
nav_max_view_distance «0» // Maximum range for precomputed nav mesh visibility (0 = default 1500 units)
nav_max_vis_delta_list_length «64»
nav_merge // and invoke the merge comm
nav_merge_mesh // Merges a saved selected set into the current mesh.
nav_no_hostages // Toggles the hostages cannot use this area flag used by the AI system.
nav_no_jump // Toggles the dont jump in this area flag used by the AI system.
nav_place_floodfill // and flood-fills the Place to all adjacent Areas. Flood-filli
nav_place_list // Lists all place names used in the map.
nav_place_pick // Sets the current Place to the Place of the Area under the cursor.
nav_place_replace // Replaces all instances of the first place with the second place.
nav_place_set // Sets the Place of all selected areas to the current Place.
nav_potentially_visible_dot_tolerance «0»
nav_precise // Toggles the dont avoid obstacles flag used by the AI system.
nav_quicksave «0» // Set to one to skip the time consuming phases of the analysis. Useful for data collection and testing.
nav_raise_drag_volume_max // Raise the top of the drag select volume.
nav_raise_drag_volume_min // Raise the bottom of the drag select volume.
nav_recall_selected_set // Re-selects the stored selected set.
nav_remove_from_selected_set // Remove current area from the selected set.
nav_remove_jump_areas // replacing them with connections.
nav_run // Toggles the traverse this area by running flag used by the AI system.
nav_save // Saves the current Navigation Mesh to disk.
nav_save_selected // Writes the selected set to disk for merging into another mesh via nav_merge_mesh.
nav_selected_set_border_color «-16751516» // Color used to draw the selected set borders while editing.
nav_selected_set_color «1623785472.000» // Color used to draw the selected set background while editing.
nav_select_blocked_areas // Adds all blocked areas to the selected set
nav_select_damaging_areas // Adds all damaging areas to the selected set
nav_select_half_space // Selects any areas that intersect the given half-space.
nav_select_invalid_areas // Adds all invalid areas to the Selected Set.
nav_select_obstructed_areas // Adds all obstructed areas to the selected set
nav_select_overlapping // Selects nav areas that are overlapping others.
nav_select_radius // Adds all areas in a radius to the selection set
nav_select_stairs // Adds all stairway areas to the selected set
nav_set_place_mode // Sets the editor into or out of Place mode. Place mode allows labelling of Area with Place names.
nav_shift // Shifts the selected areas by the specified amount
nav_show_approach_points «0» // Show Approach Points in the Navigation Mesh.
nav_show_area_info «0» // Duration in seconds to show nav area ID and attributes while editing
nav_show_compass «0»
nav_show_continguous «0» // Highlight non-contiguous connections
nav_show_danger «0» // Show current danger levels.
nav_show_light_intensity «0»
nav_show_nodes «0»
nav_show_node_grid «0»
nav_show_node_id «0»
nav_show_player_counts «0» // Show current player counts in each area.
nav_show_potentially_visible «0» // Show areas that are potentially visible from the current nav area
nav_simplify_selected // Chops all selected areas into their component 1×1 areas and re-merges them together into larger areas
nav_slope_limit «0» // The ground unit normals Z component must be greater than this for nav areas to be generated.
nav_slope_tolerance «0» // The ground unit normals Z component must be this close to the nav areas Z component to be generated.
nav_snap_to_grid «0» // Snap to the nav generation grid when creating new nav areas
nav_solid_props «0» // Make props solid to nav generation/editing
nav_splice // connected area between them.
nav_split // align the split line using your cursor and invoke the split command.
nav_split_place_on_ground «0» // nav areas will be placed flush with the ground when split.
nav_stand // Toggles the stand while hiding flag used by the AI system.
nav_stop // Toggles the must stop when entering this area flag used by the AI system.
nav_store_selected_set // Stores the current selected set for later retrieval.
nav_strip // and Encounter Spots from the current Area.
nav_subdivide // Subdivides all selected areas.
nav_test_node «0»
nav_test_node_crouch «0»
nav_test_node_crouch_dir «4»
nav_test_stairs // Test the selected set for being on stairs
nav_toggle_deselecting // Start or stop continuously removing from the selected set.
nav_toggle_in_selected_set // Remove current area from the selected set.
nav_toggle_place_mode // Toggle the editor into and out of Place mode. Place mode allows labelling of Area with Place names.
nav_toggle_place_painting // pointing at an Area will paint it with the current Place.
nav_toggle_selected_set // Toggles all areas into/out of the selected set.
nav_toggle_selecting // Start or stop continuously adding to the selected set.
nav_transient // Toggles the area is transient and may become blocked flag used by the AI system.
nav_unmark // Clears the marked Area or Ladder.
nav_update_blocked // Updates the blocked/unblocked status for every nav area.
nav_update_lighting // Recomputes lighting values
nav_update_visibility_on_edit «0» // If nonzero editing the mesh will incrementally recompue visibility
nav_use_place // the current Place is set.
nav_walk // Toggles the traverse this area by walking flag used by the AI system.
nav_warp_to_mark // Warps the player to the marked area.
nav_world_center // Centers the nav mesh in the world
net_allow_multicast «1»
net_blockmsg «0» // Discards incoming message:
net_channels // Shows net channel info
net_droppackets «0» // Drops next n packets on client
net_dumpeventstats // Dumps out a report of game event network usage
net_earliertempents «0»
net_fakejitter «0» // Jitter fakelag packet time
net_fakelag «0» // Lag all incoming network data (including loopback) by this many milliseconds.
net_fakeloss «0» // Simulate packet loss as a percentage (negative means drop 1/n packets)
net_graph «0» // = 3 draws payload legend.
net_graphheight «64» // Height of netgraph panel
net_graphmsecs «400» // The latency graph represents this many milliseconds.
net_graphpos «1»
net_graphproportionalfont «1» // Determines whether netgraph font is proportional or not
net_graphshowinterp «1» // Draw the interpolation graph.
net_graphshowlatency «1» // Draw the ping/packet loss graph.
net_graphsolid «1»
net_graphtext «1» // Draw text fields
net_maxroutable «1200» // Requested max packet size before packets are split.
net_public_adr «0» // this is the public facing ip address string: (x.x.x.x
net_scale «5»
net_showreliablesounds «0»
net_showsplits «0» // Show info about packet splits
net_showudp «0» // Dump UDP packets summary to console
net_showudp_oob «0» // Dump OOB UDP packets summary to console
net_showudp_remoteonly «0» // Dump non-loopback udp only
net_splitpacket_maxrate «15000» // Max bytes per second when queueing splitpacket chunks
net_splitrate «1» // Number of fragments for a splitpacket that can be sent per frame
net_start // Inits multiplayer network sockets
net_status // Shows current network status
net_steamcnx_allowrelay «1» // Allow steam connections to attempt to use relay servers as fallback (best if specified on command line: +net_steamcnx_allowrel
net_steamcnx_enabled «1» // 2 forces use of steam connections instead of raw UDP.
net_steamcnx_status // Print status of steam connection sockets.
next «0» // Set to 1 to advance to next frame ( when singlestep == 1 )
nextdemo // Play next demo in sequence.
noclip // Toggle. Player becomes non-solid and flies. Optional argument of 0 or 1 to force enable/disable
noclip_fixup «1»
notarget // Toggle. Player becomes hidden to NPCs.
npc_ally_deathmessage «1»
npc_ammo_deplete // Subtracts half of the targets ammo
npc_bipass // s
npc_combat // Displays text debugging information about the squad and enemy of the selected NPC (See Overlay Text) Arguments: {npc_name}
npc_conditions // Displays all the current AI conditions that an NPC has in the overlay text. Arguments: {npc_name} / {npc class_name} / no a
npc_create // Creates an NPC of the given type where the player is looking (if the given NPC can actually stand at that location). Argumen
npc_create_aimed // Creates an NPC aimed away from the player of the given type where the player is looking (if the given NPC can actually stand at
npc_destroy // Removes the given NPC(s) from the universe Arguments: {npc_name} / {npc_class_name} / no argument picks what player is looki
npc_destroy_unselected // Removes all NPCs from the universe that arent currently selected
npc_enemies // Shows memory of NPC. Draws an X on top of each memory. Eluded entities drawn in blue (dont know where it went) Unreachable
npc_focus // Displays red line to NPCs enemy (if has one) and blue line to NPCs target entity (if has one) Arguments: {npc_name} / {np
npc_freeze // uses the NPC under the crosshair. Arguments
npc_freeze_unselected // Freeze all NPCs not selected
npc_go // Selected NPC(s) will go to the location that the player is looking (shown with a purple box) Arguments: -none-
npc_go_random // Sends all selected NPC(s) to a random node. Arguments: -none-
npc_heal // Heals the target back to full health
npc_height_adjust «1» // Enable test mode for ik height adjustment
npc_kill // Kills the given NPC(s) Arguments: {npc_name} / {npc_class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
npc_nearest // Draws a while box around the NPC(s) nearest node Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player i
npc_relationships // Displays the relationships between this NPC and all others. Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks wha
npc_reset // Reloads schedules for all NPCs from their script files Arguments: -none-
npc_route // Displays the current route of the given NPC as a line on the screen. Waypoints along the route are drawn as small cyan rectang
npc_select // Select or deselects the given NPC(s) for later manipulation. Selected NPCs are shown surrounded by a red translucent box Arg
npc_set_freeze // uses the NPC under the crosshair. Arguments
npc_set_freeze_unselected // Freeze all NPCs not selected
npc_squads // Obsolete. Replaced by npc_combat
npc_steering // Displays the steering obstructions of the NPC (used to perform local avoidance) Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / n
npc_steering_all // Displays the steering obstructions of all NPCs (used to perform local avoidance)
npc_tasks // Displays detailed text debugging information about the all the tasks of the selected NPC current schedule (See Overlay Text) A
npc_task_text // Outputs text debugging information to the console about the all the tasks + break conditions of the selected NPC current schedu
npc_teleport // Selected NPC will teleport to the location that the player is looking (shown with a purple box) Arguments: -none-
npc_thinknow // Trigger NPC to think
npc_viewcone // Displays the viewcone of the NPC (where they are currently looking and what the extents of there vision is) Arguments: {ent
option_duck_method «0»
option_speed_method «0»
paintsplat_bias «0» // Change bias value for computing circle buffer
paintsplat_max_alpha_noise «0» // Max noise value of circle alpha
paintsplat_noise_enabled «1»
panel_test_title_safe «0» // Test vgui panel positioning with title safe indentation
particle_simulateoverflow «0» // Used for stress-testing particle systems. Randomly denies creation of particles.
particle_test_attach_attachment «0» // Attachment index for attachment mode
particle_test_attach_mode «0» // follow_origin
particle_test_file «0» // Name of the particle system to dynamically spawn
particle_test_start // particle_test_attach_mode and particl
particle_test_stop // Stops all particle systems on the selected entities. Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what playe
password «0» // Current server access password
path // Show the engine filesystem path.
pause // Toggle the server pause state.
perfui // Show/hide the level performance tools UI.
physics_budget // Times the cost of each active object
physics_constraints // Highlights constraint system graph for an entity
physics_debug_entity // Dumps debug info for an entity
physics_highlight_active // Turns on the absbox for all active physics objects
physics_report_active // Lists all active physics objects
physics_select // Dumps debug info for an entity
phys_debug_check_contacts «0»
phys_show_active «0»
picker // pivot and debugging text is displayed for whatever entity the play
ping // Display ping to server.
pingserver // Ping a server for info
pixelvis_debug // Dump debug info
play // Play a sound.
playdemo // Play a recorded demo file (.dem ).
player_botdifflast_s «0»
player_debug_print_damage «0» // print amount and type of all damage received by player to console.
player_gamemodelast_m «0»
player_gamemodelast_s «0»
player_gametypelast_m «1»
player_gametypelast_s «0»
player_last_leaderboards_filter «0» // Last mode setting in the Leaderboards screen
player_last_leaderboards_mode «0» // Last mode setting in the Leaderboards screen
player_last_leaderboards_panel «0» // Last opened panel in the Leaderboards screen
player_last_medalstats_category «0» // Last selected category on the Medals panel in the Medals & Stats screen
player_last_medalstats_panel «1» // Last opened panel in the Medals & Stats screen
player_maplast_m «0»
player_maplast_s «0»
player_medalstats_most_recent_time «1335041792» // Timestamp of most recently earned achievement displayed on Medals & Stats screen
player_medalstats_recent_range «432000» // Window (in seconds of recent achievements to show
player_teamplayedlast «3»
playflush // reloading from disk in case of changes.
playgamesound // Play a sound from the game sounds txt file
playsoundscape // Forces a soundscape to play
playvideo // Plays a video: [width height]
playvideo_end_level_transition // Plays a video fullscreen without ability to skip (unless dev 1) and fades in:

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    Quizás si lees el comentario (en inglés) que hay detrás de cada comando comprendas para qúe sirve, por ejemplo:

    _restart // Shutdown and restart the engine.

    ¿Qué comando tan ilógico verdad? Quizás hablando de lógica podrias en vez de criticar preguntar por algún comando en especial que estés buscando y te hubieramos ayudado como hacemos con todos.

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    Pero olé tu lógica. ¿O qué quieres que hagamos?

    Si quieres gestionar un servidor, te recomiendo que te fijes en los comandos que empiezan por sv_

    Y qué ilógico verdad, que después de criticarme aún me preocupe en responderte y en ayudarte, si al final tendrás razón y todo …

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